I am Kat

Youth Confrence!!!!!!!

@ the youth confrence @ white horse. BORED!!! GUs u should get on :P. MIss u!!!!

This is Life☺

Maybe Life is’nt so bad, i mean we :) and lauph alot. So whats the mane crusher………….the mane crusher is that teen’s dont have a “fair” life. We cant make are own choice’s with out are parents telling us how to make them. Its just so stupid..And OMG! has life been ruph. Thats another story thoue :).

This is Life…

Life isn’t close to fun it stinks.

This Is Life,

people say to follow your heart, but what if you don’t want to follow your heart? It will Only make your heart worse? Something is’nt right about that saying.

This is Life

Just got back from church and . U would think that I was in the mean girls movie. Ok so there’s this boy named Nathen, and he is so cute. My ” friends ” told him I have a crush on him. Could life get any worse?

This is LIfe.

Its not like i asked 4 this stuff to happen, I mean mabey im suppost to not choose nathen or colton…My life is Awkward.

This is Life.

mean its not like i ask to have a hard life, i just do, I mean…I dont know what i mean. But i have to choose sometime….. right? Im dateing a boy that i bearly get to see, and i like this other boy that i see every day, But who should i choose? Colton or Nathen….